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A family run business based in Ramsbottom who pride themselves on a friendly, approachable and environmentally focused approach to tree surgery.

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Felling/Removal – The complete removal of a tree down to a small stump.

Site Clearance – Removal of some or all trees and bushes from construction sites to enable building works to commence. 

Formative Pruning – Pruning of young tree stock to remove dead wood and defects. 

Crown lifting – Removal of lower branches around a tree’s crown to allow light to pass through.

Pollarding – Removal of all the branches of a damaged tree to allow regrowth.

Crown Thinning – Removal of selective branches within the tree to allow light to pass through whilst still keeping the overall shape.

Crown Reduction – Reduction of the size of the overall canopy.

All wood can be removed or processed to logs if you require. The smaller branches are chipped to produce either a wood chip or mixed mulch which can be used on your garden. 

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